Breakthrough in blood pressure testing

Non-invasive and continuous blood pressure measurement technology

Touchwave is non-invasive, real-time pressure monitoring


Touchwave is a device based on a non-invasive method of real-time continuous blood pressure monitoring

Touchwave is a breakthrough method of continuous blood pressure monitoring, but bypassing traditional, cumbersome testing methods like a pumped cuff or multiple electrodes placed on the test subject's body


"Our measurement methods and data analysis systems may allow earlier detection of many diseases of civilization than before."

See our technology up close

Measurement precision

Comfortable and continuous measurement, even during sleep

Pressure measurement without the use of a cuff

Painless measurement without disturbing skin tissue

Continuous glycemic monitoring

Painless measurement without disturbing skin tissue


Touchwave is a solution for the patient to measure pressure continuously, conveniently and discreetly. The measurement is taken at a single location on the body (e.g., the wrist)


Control your results at any time

Real-time measurement display

Measurement history and reporting

Defining hours of activity and sleep

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