Ultrasonic solutions, innovation in IoT.


Benel Tech Group, a proud THINCKE (TNK) member, excels in Tank Level Measurement and Remote Monitoring Solutions, committed to pioneering technological advancements and innovative IoT solutions.


Our aim is to revolutionize traditional tank level measurement methods, transforming them into the non-invasive monitoring solutions of the future. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to innovation.

Revolutionizing Industries with Smart Tank Remote Monitoring Solutions

Real-Time Visibility

Remote Accessibility

Operational Efficiency

Elevate Efficiency
with Tanker Truck Remote Monitoring

Mobile Asset Tracking

Supply Chain Cost Reduction

Stockout Prevention

Efficient Cylinder Level Remote
Monitoring Solutions

Affordable Control for All

Real-Time Gas Usage Insights

Easy Installation


Benel Tech Group specializes in cutting-edge solutions across diverse sectors, including Tank Level Monitoring, Tanker Truck Remote Monitoring, and Cylinder Level Remote Monitoring.

Advanced Monitoring Solutions

Operational Efficiency

User-Centric Gas Monitoring

Industry Revolution

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